If you are a new or experienced insurance agent you may have discovered that the most challenging part of your job is getting in front of new prospects. Simply put, if you don't have a consistent flow of leads you will most likely find yourself looking for another career choice. This is why it is crucial to have a solid lead generation plan. Mortgage protection leads is a concrete reliable resource to get your business started and to help you build and grow clientele. The concept of Mortgage Protection can help homeowners keep their home in the event of death, disability, or loss of income of a breadwinner. This sales approach can produce substantial commissions because in many cases you will be writing cash value life insurance, term life, and or disability policies for all income producers. Whether you are a life insurance agent, property and casualty agent, or a certified financial planner (CFP), mortgage protection insurance is a great product to sell because it is a product that most people need in order to have a strong insurance portfolio. Here are basic key points: focus on new purchases and conventional loan limits, avoid refinances (REFIS) and home equity lines of credit (HELOC) and stay local.

Here’s a quick reference guide for the newbies. When going on mortgage insurance lead sales appointments. Always dress professionally, be on time, know your product, have a sales script memorized, have a physical presentation such as an iPad or Android tablet or go old school with a flip book, build rapport and be personable, don't pretend to know something if you don't, everyone was new at one time, be empathetic and listen to their needs.

A great beginning that requires no upfront capital is to go after some low-hanging fruit. Create a relationship with real estate agents and mortgage brokers and work with them on a referral basis. When they have a client that closes on a property they can introduce you and your services. Next, become a member of a networking group where you'll be exposed to many service providers. Many of them can be working with new home buyers who have recently bought a home or have an existing mortgage. Let’s not dismiss the strength of telemarketing. The best resource for the new homeowner that recently acquired a mortgage contact information is your county courthouse. Most mortgages are recorded digitally and are public record. In the past, if you wanted to access these records you would have to physically visit the courthouse and hand write each record. Then go back to your office and dial 411 and obtain the phone number for each record. In today’s era, it is much more advanced and easier to obtain the information remotely. Best of all, you can hire a service such as whitepages.com or melissa.com, to do the reverse phone lookup for pennies per record. They will also scrub these records against the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY to ensure you will be in compliance. It’s critical that you follow State and Federal Do Not Call Laws.

Want yet more leads? Create an automatic mailing. Using the same county database as the new mortgages, you can also subscribe to the raw data which has already been compiled for a small fee. From this information you can obtain a person's full name, mailing address, mortgage value, purchase price and extract from this data using a spreadsheet or similar data software to filter the specific records you want to mail to. You can then work with an easy to use web based mailing and printing service like Amazingmail, Amplified Mail, Click2Mail, Growmail, PFL, and Taradel, all which are listed as approved vendors on the USPS website. They can prepare your mailings in an automated fashion without you having to go to a mail house or a printer. You can even take it a step further and hire a software developer where he can connect to your database of prospects and connect with an application program interface (API). The developer can design an application so you have your data source connected to the API of the virtual mail-house and you automatically send out your mailings. Voila! You will need to supply the vendor a compliance approved mortgage protection advertisement letter.

Although these steps are not necessarily difficult, you may not have the time to dedicate to the process. The good news is with a moderate marketing budget, there are companies that will do all this for you. Some notable mentions that have turnkey lead generation mail programs are Kramer Direct and Lead Concepts. Generating life insurance and disability insurance leads will propel your business to the next level.