Annuity leads can be very lucrative systems; they can be very expensive to create by yourself. If not done right you will be throwing your money in the garbage. Annuity leads are very important in an insurance agents career. Annuity leads can lead to other markets for example long-term care leads and Medicare supplement leads. Agents should always diversify in the markets that they specialize in because of changes in the insurance industry climate.

Annuity, Qualified IRAs, 401ks and other retirement vehicles are attractive to investors, and the money made can be very lucrative. Agents could go down the wrong path when they generate leads for annuities. Purchasing leads from other sources is risky. All lead sources for annuity should be thoroughly investigated and researched before purchasing. Here are some questions you should ask yourself and other qualified annuity lead companies.

Should I outsource my leads or generate them myself?

Who are your annuity prospects?
Where are your retirement planning prospects?
How will I reach them?
What kind of annuity marketing program shall I implement?
Will it be a profitable annuity lead system?
How do people respond to annuity solicitation?

Should I Create A Annuity Telemarketing Campaign?

Should I outsource my leads or create them myself?

It could be a very expensive adventure for the novice lead generator. Beware of new ideas or advertisements for inexpensive qualified annuity leads they could be costly. Remember there are many reputable annuity lead generation companies out there make sure you get references before you buy better yet get a sample of a qualified lead first. There are also not reputable lead companies out there so buyers beware. Make sure you pay with a credit card in case you have to dispute a charge.

Who are my prospects?

Take a look at whom you have sold in the past. You can approach these qualified prospects and also ask for referrals that make great annuity leads. Seniors make the best prospects or people approaching retirement age. Target and optimize your lead systems. Figure out the age and income and this is where you will have your best success. Optimizing your lead campaigns is the key to successes after you have some success.

Here are some other areas to look into.

Pension rollovers, your life insurance clients, approaching retirement, and your investment clients. Golf Courses these are great places to find annuity prospects. Also working with the senior market creates great leads systems through ancillary products.

Where are my prospects?

They are everywhere you just need to focus in and find them. They are on the Internet and around the corner. Also in retirement villages. Insurance companies wouldn't be selling annuities if there weren't any prospects. Approach retirement villages and do a seminar with a free lunch or breakfasts you'll have a huge annuity seminar and generate great annuity leads. Talk to all of the agents in your office, compile a list of the retired ones or about to be retired and do some joint work. 3 people *100 = 300 annuity lead prospects.

How Will You Reach Your Prospects?

Mailing lists from Experience or Dun and Bradstreet are great sources for mailing lists. Advertising in the newspaper could work just to make sure the newspaper targets the correct qualified senior market. Is there a newsletter in a senior development? Create one and publish it you control these advertising and your costs will be minimal. Doing joint work with CPA’s and Attorney’s. Divorce lawyers are a great source for reallocation issues.

How do people respond to annuity solicitations?

Usually seniors respond to education and free at the same time as they do a seminar.
Put yourself in their shoes. What will catch their attention? Usually education will help you response rate for your lead annuity programs. Selling an annuity is important but getting a qualified leads you will only get a second or two to do it to make sure you have an attention grabber in your headline.

Here is a great headline grabber for annuity prospects:

"Protect your assets from Uncle Sam and reduce your tax bracket"

Here is another headline to generate annuity leads in the baby boomer market.

"Increase you retirement income by shielding it from Uncle Sam. "

Here is on if your market is 65 or over use this one:

"Protect your hard earned dollars from the IRS with A qualified Annuity Investment."

Make sure you are an expert on your side this will generate loads of annuity qualified leads. Find someone who specializes in estate planning.

Search Engine Marketing Lead Generation

Another idea to generate annuity leads is through search engine marketing. They are some great websites to assist you in creating and optimizing your web site to harness annuity leads generation traffic. Yahoo and Google recently came out with a local match program that is a gold mine for the web savvy.

A Direct Mail Idea.

I recently saw a great annuity lead generation letter. I also recently received a letter in the mail which was a triple insert with a long term care letter a Medicare supplement a canonicity leads generation in the same envelope this means this company split their costs three ways.

Networking to Produce Annuity Leads

If you want to skyrocket your annuity leads and start making money fast you should try education luncheons, teach them how you can save taxes, protect their assets, offer other services as well team up with a tax attorney and CPA. These meetings put you in an expert position. You will be respected and people will ask for consulting advice and boom you got yourself an annuity Lead.

A Final Thought

You must go through a trial and error period to find out you can generate your own leads. There are a number of great lead companies out there, try out sources first and make sure you ask for references.

Good Luck with all of you annuity lead concepts. I hope they are profitable for you. Remember there are many reputable annuity lead generation companies out there. Make sure you get references before you try one.

Facebook Annuity Leads

Have you considered using Facebook advertising platform as a way to generate annuity leads? Here is an idea for you to experiment with. Create a Facebook ads account and create an compliance approved ad for retirement planning. Target your specific age and income group and use the Facebook digital lead capture form.  You can also join 55+ groups on Facebook and offer your support by writing a Blog and directing visitors to it and grow an prospect audience. This can be a technique to generate your own exclusive free annuity leads for your business. Sign up below to our newsletter and we will update you when we have a step by step article posted.

Annuity Leads Company Reviews

If you are considering outsourcing your lead generation always consider the reviews that are posted online ask for references from other insurance agents who have had success in the program you are researching.

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